Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winston Heights Mountview Santa Claus Breakfast

Wow, That was a fun event. I got there a bit late because of the winter and well everything that comes with a really cold day, but it was a really fun event for me and the kids.
I had approximately 30 children come through SMC, it was a huge hit and well I was swamped basically from the minute I finished my set up until lunch. I'm not sure how busy everyone else was, but it was non stop for me. I look for ward to being there again next year!
I've begun booking parties for January, February and March, and I can see I'll be busy right through the summer.
I hope that everyone who tries SMC loves it just as much, hopefully there will be more SMC franchises opening in either Edmonton and Even Red Deer sometime soon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My First Reference Letter

"Hi Viviana,

Thank-you so much for participating in the Hyatt Regency Calgary Childrens Christmas Party. The Sand Creation Cards were a big hit! I have received many positive comments from the parents about how much their children enjoyed the activity. I was also very impressed with how you accommodated so many excited children. They had tons of fun and were able to take home such a great memory of the party. It was the perfect addition to our event.

Thank-you again. We look forward to having you back.

Erin Sivucha
Director of Guest Experience
Hyatt Regency Calgary"

Welcome to my new Blog

Are you looking for new interactive entertainment for children at your next event? Are you wanting some unique and creative activity to keep your little guest entertained at your next party? If finding the right help is getting you down, I am very pleased and excited to present to you, Sand Magic Creations. My company is new to Calgary and provides a fun, interactive and relatively quiet party activity for children of all ages.

We are a mobile Sand Art Studio that comes to you and will entertain your little guest for hours. My name is Viviana, and this is my company (a home based business). I purchased the franchise after experiencing Sand Magic Creations in Penticton, B.C. I loved that it is family owned and it was a fun and creative activity for kids, with whom I already work with on a daily basis.

A party will include a large array of uniquely designed sticker cards for the children to chose from. They come in two sizes with beautiful images for both boys and girls (I bring a display of sample cards), 18 colours of sand to work with, sand tables, bowls, and all the equipment required to create sand art masterpieces. I provide the children with instruction on how to use the sand tables, the cards and plastic protective cover for their finished work of art. I set up and knock down and help you with the children throughout the party. The cost depends on the size of party or event you want to have. We start at $150 for a party, from 2 to 2.5hours (includes 15 minutes set up and 15 minutes knock down of equipment) and as many as 15 cards (each child can chose one). A larger company event starts at $350, for 3 to 3.5 hours (includes set up and knock down of equipment) and up to 35 cards. With a charge of $7 for each extra card. This however, is all flexible depending on your needs and your type of party.

How To Do Sand Magic Creations

Step 1

Choose an image that you would like to make.

Step 2

Using the stick provided start by peeling off the outline of your image.

Step 3

Use a dark colored sand and sprinkle over the exposed outline.

Step 4
Continue to peel off all the yellow paper, sprinkling sand in colors of your choice. Repeat the process until all the yellow paper is removed and the image is covered in colored sand.