Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just a Little Blurb

I worked at a birthday party this Saturday, I had 20 kids participate in SMC and it was a huge hit. We did SMC after they ate lunch and it kept them busy and entertained and were even helping each other until it was time for cake and presents. It was a treat to have such a nice family host it, and the birthday girl seemed quite satisfied with how happy her friends were with their masterpieces. To keep everyone happy, we decided to take them by small groups (3) to explain the craft and then I gave them their card and got them started. They had gotten a ticket from me, which they had to hand over when it was their turn. That gave us a chance to keep track of how many cards were used, they were very good at SMC and really enjoyed having something to take home at the end of the party. It's exciting to have such a large amount of children and have it all go smoothly. Yay for SMC!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wowee, Good things are coming my way!

So I open my email Monday morning, not giving at a thought about what I'd find. I see a email from a big company in Downtown Calgary and immediately got for that one. I take a quick read, and to sum it up ... they have asked about Sand Magic Creations and weather I will come work a Pancake breakfast for them during Stampede in the summer. Now if anyone has been to Calgary Stampede, or has heard of it, they know how HUGE it is and what this means! Anyhow, before I get all carried away about this, Stampede is months away, and I've not been hired for this just yet.....however, I'm thinking this is a sign of GREAT things to come!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So3 weeks into the year and I'm booking up fast. I'm so wonderfully amazed at all the great support I've gotten for my new business, I'm loving all the happy kids and happy parents too.
So far, I've booked for at least one day a month and I'm looking at it as a blessing that I am busy, specially with the hard economic times ahead. I'm hoping that even with the economy, I can still be able to bring a smile to a child's face and make the most of what a celebration should be.
Check out my List of events below, and contact me if you'd like to book.